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Concrete Raising Of Utah is a locally owned company specializing in raising and stabilizing concrete slabs.

We are the areas premier concrete raising and stabilizing service as recognized by independent authorities throughout the Local community. CROU relies on its 15+ years of experience raising settled and displaced concrete & flat work.  We are confident we have a solution to all that satisfies the need to remove tripping hazards and hollow voids. Our technicians are all qualified to assist you in a free consultation and review on you repair and we will quickly get the work done and at a fraction of the cost you could occur with other cement finishers and unqualified contractors. GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

What is Concrete Raising?

Also known as mud jacking, slab jacking, or pressure grouting, concrete raising is the process of raising and stabilizing settled concrete. A series of holes are drilled into the concrete, through which material is introduced below the slab. Once voids are filled and the slab is raised to a desired height, the 5/8” holes are simply patched with cement.

Why it happens..

  • Gravel base was never compacted properly during construction
  • Concrete was built over soil that was once back-filled (such as around a foundation or pipe trench) and soil has now settled
  • Water is draining or pooling around edge of slab which can cause the base to wash away over time
  • Cracks and gaps in the concrete allow water to seep below the slab and cause seasonal frost heaving which can create voids.

We can fix it.

Quality concrete work takes dedicated craftsman, premium materials and an experienced contractor with the right processes and standards.
Our award winning team of concrete professionals know how to deliver concrete that looks great and lasts. Call for your free estimate

What's it all about?

Concrete slabs can be susceptible to settlement from a wide variety of factors. In some areas of the United States, naturally occurring soils can consolidate over time, including areas ranging from Utah up through to Washington. Soil erosion also contributes to concrete settlement, which is very common for locations with improper drainage. Concrete slabs built upon filled-in land can excessively settle as well. This is common for homes with basement levels since the fill on the outside of the foundation frequently is not compacted properly. In some cases, sidewalk or patio slabs pitch down, directing water down towards the basement level. Tree roots can actually heave a slab upwards; this is quite common along public roadways, especially within metropolitan areas.


Concrete Raising of Utah

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When does it make sense to raise my concrete rather than replace it?

Raising concrete can be a fantastic alternative to replacing concrete. If your concrete walkway, driveway, patio or floor is still structurally sound (no major cracks, spalling, scaling) and has just settled, then raising may be the most cost effective option.  This is especially true if you only have a small section that needs to be repaired, since many concrete contractors will not do small jobs and then raising may be the only option.  Also, raising concrete is a very quick and hassle free process compared to replacement – most projects are completed in around 1-2 hours.